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Here's the deal

Condo Investors Club on the state of 2020 - and where to invest your money

This year will see the greatest year over year price increases in Toronto Real Estate Board history. Look through TREB's market watch statistics. If you are not buying real estate this year then what are you doing with your money?

Approximately six years ago I wrote an article predicting that this time would come. We are running out of land and it is getting really expensive. As a city we are growing three times faster than any other in North America. Thirty million square feet of office space housing 250,000 new jobs are being created, including last weeks announcement that Google is opening a new 400,000 square foot office downtown.

This is the best city in the world for real estate right now and the only people who do not get it are those who live here. People from all over the world are seeing this as the greatest opportunity to create wealth in real estate on the planet so why aren't you?

This is not complicated, less land and more people means higher real estate prices and we are in the perfect storm right now. Interest rates are declining, Canada is at full employment, GDP growth is hovering around 2 percent which is absolutely optimal for real estate price growth. The next few years will provide huge gains for those who control real estate assets.

Now is the time to get into the market, as you'll see 100% returns on your invested capital in 12-24 months. Prices are rising at record levels so those who act first will see the biggest rewards. 

The first opportunity I have sourced for you is the Clonmore Urban Towns development in Toronto. The reason I love this is the 12.5% down payment. Savvy investors know this is the best way to maximize your return on investment. Most projects are looking for 20% down, whereas here you can control a $800k real estate asset with just over half the invested capital, meaning almost double the return on your invested capital.


Clonmore offers a choice collection of modern 3 & 4 bedroom urban townhomes with bright, spacious open concept layouts and contemporary finishes. Each Townhouse boasts either a private spacious rooftop terrace or as beautiful garden patio. A rich blend of style and flair in a unique natural setting, this is modern townhome living the way you like it – fresh, urban, connected.

With a special offer of only 12.5% down, you can secure a near million dollar asset for less than $100k. That, combined with your up to 10% price increase market wide this year - you could see 100% ROI in year 1.

Bottom Line

If you're looking to get ahead:

My advice:

Get in on the Clonmore Towns today, and secure your best bet at a 100% return this year.

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